Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today I am grateful for...

Whoa, where'd November go. its December 7th and I have yet to finish out my I'm grateful for posts. 
so here i go.

[November 26] Today I am grateful for siblings.
having 6 kids was the best idea my mom ever did have.
I can't imagine life without my brother and sisters. 
They are some of my best friends. ever.
I love when we get together because it's like nothing has ever changed.
just like it was without 4 grand kids {+1 on the way} and 4 spouses. 
we still...
play games, 
borrow clothes, 
yell down the stairs at each other,
bug mom,
practice our boxing out in the living room,
sing loud to our favorite songs,
help mom in the yard,
watch movies and TV with dad,
make the downstairs bathroom a complete disaster,
and stay up late chatting.

Here's a little of what I love about each of them:
1. Cory
there is never a dull moment with Cor around.
he has such a fun and boisterous way about him.
this guy would do just about anything for anyone and never complain
and he is one of the hardest workers i've ever known.

2. Meagan
what a gal. 
i really got to know meag the summer she got married. 
we slept in the same bed, said prayers sometimes together and worked all day long.
and ever since she rolled over and kissed me one morning after she'd been married for about 5 months and was staying at home, we seem to have a special connection. :) yuck. 
i love meag because she's always been so on top of things.
i think if it weren't for her, my parents would never get anything for birthdays, mothers/fathers day, and Christmas
she puts her family, especially her husband, first. and is a great mother.
she's cute. i haven't seen meag have too many bad hair, clothes or make-up days. 
she works hard no matter what it is - in her garden, running/exercising, being a mom {she has to with her little runt}

3. Melissa
lis is silly.
{and since i told a funny story about meag, i have to about lis too}
she called me one afternoon and i answered it saying "hey its mckell, I can't answer my phone right now so leave me a message." then i proceeded to say "Beeeeep" in my most machine like voice.
and yep, you guessed it. 
she left me a message. and hung up. 
lis and i's special connection came from me living with her for a while and her living in logan.
i still miss having my sister just a few blocks down the road where i could go for dinner,
play with my niece, or just hang out. 
lis is great mom. 
she has such a strong testimony of the gospel and motherhood.
and she's willing to serve and help wherever she can.

4. Sydney {or squid}
I cannot tell you how grateful I am that syd and I both grew up.
we fought like cats and dogs when we were younger and it absolutely breaks my heart to think about
{sorry syd for being a jerk}
Syd is a champ - in everything she does. i could not be more proud.
i didn't ever think i was the protective older sister, but i assumed that role very easily when she got her first serious boyfriend. 
but she knows what she is doing and i admire how straight she has her head on.
i think the world of syd.
5. Rachel {or Ray J}
ray and i too have a special connection.
i don't know if it comes from our deep love for taco van tacos or flaming hot Cheetos
or our interest in golf
or how funny she can be.
but i like this girl.
she's slightly different than the rest of us girls but i love her uniqueness.
she is quirky and usually as blond as lis is. 

I feel so blessed to have been taught and influenced by my wonderful siblings.
thanks guys. 

[November 27] I am grateful that i've grown up. 
this sounds weird and like i was childish before {which i am sure i was and still can be} 
but i am grateful to grow up. 
I care about things and people now that I never would have dreamed about caring about 
for example, 
i care about how much i spend and how much i eat out
i care about getting the best price on laundry soap or crazy household things like that
i care about going to sleep at night and getting enough sleep so that i can be productive the next day
i care about how someone else's day went rather than how mine went
i care about making dinner, not for myself but for my husband
i care about my health {probably because no i pay for it.}

its kinda strange to think about growing up.
just last Christmas, the gift i drew at the Webb Christmas party was dryer sheets..
and i couldn't have been happier.

[November 28] I am grateful for the opportunity to speak in sacrament or teach a lesson.
i guess this one could be tied to being grateful for growing up because i wouldn't have said this 2 years ago.
but these opportunities are when i grow the most. 
i always benefit more preparing and studying for my lessor or talk than the audience does. 
i am grateful for organization of the church to be able to have these growing experiences

[November 29] I am grateful for this time of year - the holidays.
this time of year is my favorite because, besides the presents and such, its about family. 
and there is nothing i love more.
I am sooo looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and just being together and being lazy!
I'm especially grateful this holiday season because i am focusing more on Christ than all the hype Christmas brings.
[November 30] Once again, I am grateful for Spencer.
He deserves having another post about him because he is that awesome.
Last week was crazy busy for me so we kind of switched roles - i stayed couped up in my office working away while he cooked mac n' cheese, did the laundry and cleaned the house. {what a sweetheart}
i love how he isn't afraid or above doing housework
and how he takes such good care of me.
i seriously couldn't be happier with this guy.

Well that concludes my gratitude month. Can i just say i am grateful i don't have to do that again for a whole year. :) kidding, its been good for me and i have enjoyed it despite the time consumption and emotional strain it was sometimes. 

but i am grateful i got to reflect on the things that matter most.


  1. good work at finishing that sister. it's not that it's hard to be grateful everyday, it's just hard to write it down. right?

    anyways, i was most proud to read about how you still love hot cheetos. it's one of my guilty pleasures as well. (and if i remember right, gabe told me just the other day she still loves them too) i love that.

    you're a champ. we HAVE to get together over christmas. even if it's just for a taco van run. because i love that too. :)

  2. i'm so happy that we haven't grown out of our jr. high obsessions - hot pockets and hot cheetos. love it.

    anyways, yes lets please go on a date or do something over the break!

    lets chat more about this soon.