Thursday, September 27, 2012


Do you remember when we used to have special CD's we titled M.O.M.? 
Make Out Mix

Ya, I had a few. 

I once told my mom it stood for Melodies Of Mine.
I think I legitimately thought she crawled out of a rock yesterday.

Anyway, if I were to have a Make Out Mix now it would include this song for sure. 

Joy Williams - What Can I Do (But Love You)


Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Wonderful

Today is this dudes birthday.
He's 25. 
and possibly, no probably, the cutest 25 year-old i know.
Its pretty awesome that he's all mine.
there's so many things I love about this guy.
to name a few:
1. he makes me smile everyday. even when I don't want to

2. he's got a tender heart. I love that he's not afraid to be vulnerable or emotional

3. he loves to serve. he's in our bishopric and i love to see 
his love and concern for the ward members

4. he's gonna make the best dad. i see how he is with our nieces and 
nephews and it makes me excited to have kids because so stellar with them

5. he works his butt off. i dont think anyone will ever find 
a better employee than him. 

6. he's forgetful. very forgetful. which i'm grateful for because it gives 
him a reason to need/want me around 

7. he's random. some of the things that come out of his

8. he's still a kid. i don't know many 25 year olds that would rather 
be out playing hide and seek with the kids than sitting watching 
football or chatting with the adults. 

9. he's handy. he works at hooker appliance (he's the #1 hooker) and 
he can fix just about any appliance/machine. 
i think i'll keep him around just for that :)

10. he's a gentleman. his mission pres told him that a woman should 
never touch a door handle and i haven't had to touch very many

he's the best and i'm the luckiest.

we have a pretty cool life together. 


Thursday, February 23, 2012


Its evident that I am one heck of an awful blogger. Actually I am awful at almost all social media things, except for Pinterest-I'm pretty good at keeping up with that-but facebook, blog, twitter, instagram, etc. I pretty much stink at. I always say I am going to do it and be better but that never happens, just like all my goals usually go. {oops.} 

I've heard lots lately to live in the moment youre in right now, not wish for the future or put off things till the future...but seriously, I think I will be better when I have children or when someday Spence and I get exciting. {Actually last night did get exciting...Spence made Mac n' Cheese for dinner while I was showering and we take our first bites and almost puke right in our bowls because he used rancid butter...oops. We got a good laugh in, then went to Burger King.}

But really nothing exciting happens very often and until it does consider me exempt from keeping you all informed about our daily happenings. Sorry. 

I guess lovers day (valentines) was kinda exciting, and not in a kinky way :). I highly underestimate my sweet husband. 2 weeks prior to v-day I kinda nagged (like my mother sometimes does) the kid about us doing something special and that he has to plan it because I usually do and I did not want to be disappointed if I didn't plan anything and neither did he. Little did miss know-it-all know that he already had made reservations and ordered flowers. Brownie points to him. So I took care of breakfast- making him a delicious breakfast in bed and gave him a cute little v-day outfit to wear to school that day. As he's walking out the door to go to school he says don't eat lunch today because we're having a big dinner. And so all day I am hoping for sushi. When he gets home later that day he has flowers for me - white roses to be exact, probably from President Snow's garden (right all you Hunger Gamers?). And then we head to dinner. He tricks me by driving the same way you would to get sushi and then passes that right up, i was secretly devastated because I had psyched myself up for it all day. We ended up at the was delightful - all you could eat prime rib, coconut shrimp, and chocolate fountain goodyness. Then we went to a movie and then had a friendly game of bowling (which I won....sucka). 

(we didn't even get a photo together...i'm so upset)

All I can say is I just gotta trust the kid because he always pulls it out and well exceeds my expectations. I am truly so blessed to have him in my life. He is such a goof but he's my goof and I just love the heck out of him. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Today I am grateful for...

Whoa, where'd November go. its December 7th and I have yet to finish out my I'm grateful for posts. 
so here i go.

[November 26] Today I am grateful for siblings.
having 6 kids was the best idea my mom ever did have.
I can't imagine life without my brother and sisters. 
They are some of my best friends. ever.
I love when we get together because it's like nothing has ever changed.
just like it was without 4 grand kids {+1 on the way} and 4 spouses. 
we still...
play games, 
borrow clothes, 
yell down the stairs at each other,
bug mom,
practice our boxing out in the living room,
sing loud to our favorite songs,
help mom in the yard,
watch movies and TV with dad,
make the downstairs bathroom a complete disaster,
and stay up late chatting.

Here's a little of what I love about each of them:
1. Cory
there is never a dull moment with Cor around.
he has such a fun and boisterous way about him.
this guy would do just about anything for anyone and never complain
and he is one of the hardest workers i've ever known.

2. Meagan
what a gal. 
i really got to know meag the summer she got married. 
we slept in the same bed, said prayers sometimes together and worked all day long.
and ever since she rolled over and kissed me one morning after she'd been married for about 5 months and was staying at home, we seem to have a special connection. :) yuck. 
i love meag because she's always been so on top of things.
i think if it weren't for her, my parents would never get anything for birthdays, mothers/fathers day, and Christmas
she puts her family, especially her husband, first. and is a great mother.
she's cute. i haven't seen meag have too many bad hair, clothes or make-up days. 
she works hard no matter what it is - in her garden, running/exercising, being a mom {she has to with her little runt}

3. Melissa
lis is silly.
{and since i told a funny story about meag, i have to about lis too}
she called me one afternoon and i answered it saying "hey its mckell, I can't answer my phone right now so leave me a message." then i proceeded to say "Beeeeep" in my most machine like voice.
and yep, you guessed it. 
she left me a message. and hung up. 
lis and i's special connection came from me living with her for a while and her living in logan.
i still miss having my sister just a few blocks down the road where i could go for dinner,
play with my niece, or just hang out. 
lis is great mom. 
she has such a strong testimony of the gospel and motherhood.
and she's willing to serve and help wherever she can.

4. Sydney {or squid}
I cannot tell you how grateful I am that syd and I both grew up.
we fought like cats and dogs when we were younger and it absolutely breaks my heart to think about
{sorry syd for being a jerk}
Syd is a champ - in everything she does. i could not be more proud.
i didn't ever think i was the protective older sister, but i assumed that role very easily when she got her first serious boyfriend. 
but she knows what she is doing and i admire how straight she has her head on.
i think the world of syd.
5. Rachel {or Ray J}
ray and i too have a special connection.
i don't know if it comes from our deep love for taco van tacos or flaming hot Cheetos
or our interest in golf
or how funny she can be.
but i like this girl.
she's slightly different than the rest of us girls but i love her uniqueness.
she is quirky and usually as blond as lis is. 

I feel so blessed to have been taught and influenced by my wonderful siblings.
thanks guys. 

[November 27] I am grateful that i've grown up. 
this sounds weird and like i was childish before {which i am sure i was and still can be} 
but i am grateful to grow up. 
I care about things and people now that I never would have dreamed about caring about 
for example, 
i care about how much i spend and how much i eat out
i care about getting the best price on laundry soap or crazy household things like that
i care about going to sleep at night and getting enough sleep so that i can be productive the next day
i care about how someone else's day went rather than how mine went
i care about making dinner, not for myself but for my husband
i care about my health {probably because no i pay for it.}

its kinda strange to think about growing up.
just last Christmas, the gift i drew at the Webb Christmas party was dryer sheets..
and i couldn't have been happier.

[November 28] I am grateful for the opportunity to speak in sacrament or teach a lesson.
i guess this one could be tied to being grateful for growing up because i wouldn't have said this 2 years ago.
but these opportunities are when i grow the most. 
i always benefit more preparing and studying for my lessor or talk than the audience does. 
i am grateful for organization of the church to be able to have these growing experiences

[November 29] I am grateful for this time of year - the holidays.
this time of year is my favorite because, besides the presents and such, its about family. 
and there is nothing i love more.
I am sooo looking forward to spending Christmas with my family and just being together and being lazy!
I'm especially grateful this holiday season because i am focusing more on Christ than all the hype Christmas brings.
[November 30] Once again, I am grateful for Spencer.
He deserves having another post about him because he is that awesome.
Last week was crazy busy for me so we kind of switched roles - i stayed couped up in my office working away while he cooked mac n' cheese, did the laundry and cleaned the house. {what a sweetheart}
i love how he isn't afraid or above doing housework
and how he takes such good care of me.
i seriously couldn't be happier with this guy.

Well that concludes my gratitude month. Can i just say i am grateful i don't have to do that again for a whole year. :) kidding, its been good for me and i have enjoyed it despite the time consumption and emotional strain it was sometimes. 

but i am grateful i got to reflect on the things that matter most.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Today I am grateful for...

OK, lets finish this already. :)
kidding. I love being grateful and actually taking the time to do so. 
Its been good for me.

[November 20] Today I am grateful for my Mom. 

she is super woman.
never in my life have i seen 
her bed unmade
her house not in order
her kids misbehave (ha.)
her be mean to someone, unless they REALLY deserved it
her not mow totally straight and perfect lines in her lawn
her not drop everything to bring us our essay or yearbook treats we forgot at home
her pass up an opportunity to serve
her not brush her teeth in hot water
her not buy very tempting gizmos, gadgets, make-ups, pillows, etc. on QVC
her unexcited for a church calling or assignment
her not at one of our sporting events unless there was a very good reason
her not pray and read her scriptures every morning
her not write an "I love you today" or "I am so proud of you" note in our lunchboxes
her not wash her sheets every Thursday
her neglecting her beautiful yard
her not excited for a new pair of Smart Wool socks, Nike Frees, Danskos or anything Christopher Banks/Coldwater Creek
her not get totally sucked into a great book 
her ever question her testimony of the gospel
her not blast amy grant's holiday music the day after thanksgiving
her asleep until we got home every night
her not mix her peanut butter and honey before putting it on a sandwich
her not think of the most quirky ideas and saying to use in Mr. Ropers college english essays
her not do her visiting teaching each and every month
her make a gross meal 
her not write the most random and sometimes embarrassing beet season texts  
(i.e. On October 19, 2011 she wrote: So for some reason I have this amazing super power of being able to swat numerous flies with my gloved hands. Maybe its because the warm, noisy, bumpy, stinky truck lulls them to a complete relaxed much for super powers." - this isn't even near as great as some of the other that she has shared with us)
her not write a thank-you note to someone who has done something nice for her or to someone that she is thinking about
her not do 'the surf' or her stretches in the kitchen
her not volunteer for a prayer
her let anyone use, touch or trample her pillow (i don't blame her)
her not setup a 'sick bed' next to her bed when we got sick in the middle of the night
or her ever not love my dad or any of us kids, even when we are late, stupid or not communicating. 

i love you mom. 
thanks for being so stinkin great.
best mom i ever had
i want to be just like you when i grow up.

[November 21] Today I am grateful for my health. 
especially after being sick last week.
i feel like i totally take my health for granted. oops.
what a blessing it is to be able to get up everyday 
and to be able to work and be active
(although sitting in front of my computer all day doesn't qualify for being active).

i've had some pretty weird illnesses and issues in my day 
and oh how grateful i am to be normal this very second.

but you know what i love most about my health?
i can eat a big fat (and fattening) quarter pounder with cheese 
and still feel great! (until after its gone, because then i want another)(not.)

[November 22] Today I am grateful for friends.
i have the best friends in the entire world -
friends from high school, college and now the married student kind. 
they're all the best.

friends, thanks for all you do and have done for me. i owe you big. 

[November 23] Today I am grateful for my in-laws: miss patty and bill. :)
there is no way on earth i could have picked better in-laws. 

first of all, lets chat about trish.

she is quite the gal.
I love this woman because:

she is spunky! 
i admire so much how she is not afraid to talk or voice her opinion to anyone no matter what!
and even though she is 60 (which you'd NEVER be able to tell), 
she is still the funnest, most current and fashionable grandma i know!

she loves the Lord.
i have never in all my life been in the Mendenhall home and not seen a set of scriptures open on the table. She is such a wonderful example of service and dedication to the Lord. She was the best Stake Young Womens leader and truly loved each girl in our stake.

she is strong{.}
last time i checked its not too easy losing your husband 
(especially when your husband is Bill Mendenhall) 
but this woman has never let her testimony of the gospel and the plan of salvation waiver 
instead of worrying about herself without Bill around she worries about her children. what a great mom.

she raised one amazing boy!
spence has a pretty good mix of his mother and father in him.
he gets so many good qualities - like his goofiness - from his dad
but he gets his conflict management skills :), tender spirit and heart, willingness to serve, and amazing work ethic from his cute mom. 

Thanks Trish!

Now Bill...

man i miss this guy. 
he and i became pretty good friends (as most could say about their relationship with him) and golf partners. 
Spencer and his dad were best friends. 
They were sooo goofy when they were together. 
it was pretty cute.
Spence, like the rest of us, was smitten by him. 
There was nothing he couldn't do. 
It saddens me when I know spence is trying to make a decision about life
and wants so badly to talk it over with his dad, but can't. 
Bill touched so many lives and i am so grateful that i got to become friends with him 
and now get to be apart of the incredible family he taught and raised. 

He and I used to email back and forth after spence left on his mission
and the way he would end his emails was like a little cherry on top. 
Here's a few:

A fan of the Dork  =)   (Got ta love it!)

You are a class act, and there aren't very many things I wouldn't do for you.

Your biggest fan

{you should know that my heart strings have been pulled extremely hard while writing this grateful post} 

[November 24] Today i am grateful for Thanksgiving.
That kinda sounds weird, i know, but doesn't this holiday just make you happy?
what other holiday is centered on being grateful {and food} and nothing else - no presents or dressing up or candy hunting - just family and gratitude. thats pretty neat.

We had a great Thanksgiving. I took some pictures that morning then we just hung out together as family, made a wonderful and very bounteous meal, sat and tried to digest, then ate pie and THEN...made the big plans for shopping! which leads me to my next grateful item...

[November 25] Today I am grateful for Black Friday and all its craziness.
this event is terribly strange to me.
people make game plans, wake up early and get mean to save a couple bucks on princess barbies, legos, scooters, cameras and socks. 
at least that's what me and my crazy family did this morning (except get mean, the garrard clan is a pretty fun group to shop with) 
every year without fail we gather round grandma garrard table and circulate the adds and make our list.
we then meet at AMI supply at 3:30 and go to a store or 2 in burley then head off to twin to get our socks and such.
its a tradition i don't ever want to miss. 

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today I am grateful for...

I promise I have not forgotten to be thankful everyday for the past week, I just have been a sick and super busy with work and such. So here I am being grateful for all to see. 

[November 12] Today i am grateful for my iMac.
Last Christmas my adorable and sneaky husband surprised and spoiled me with the most fabulous prize...
a big, fat iMac!
I'll be honest, i can work magic on this thing. I can have up to 6 screens operating all at once and I can get very up close and personal with the blemishes on my photo subjects faces...its almost gross. kidding. but seriously if anyone took this beauty away from me I would be somewhat worthless. 

Thanks Spence for this fabulous gift. I am so much more productive now. 

[November 13] Today I am grateful for Jesus Christ. 
I taught the lesson in Relief Society today on the Second Coming and wow...what a fun topic to teach.
I learned so much and it solidified my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ 
and his Atoning sacrifice made for us.
I seriously cannot wait for the day, whenever it may be, that the Savior comes and reigns on the Earth - when we get to be taught by Him, when He prays for us and blesses us. So cool. 
I am most grateful for the peace I feel each day in knowing that I am not alone. That my Savior has felt and experienced all the pain, sadness, fear, discouragement, stress, joy and happiness that I go through and experience. 

[November 14] Today i am grateful for my Dad.

He is sooo cool.
He's taught me alot, like:

How to work.
which includes things like how to artificially inseminate a cow, how to drive a tractor, truck, loader, move hand lines, mow the lawn, hoe beets, etc.

How to play ball.
Ever since I can remember he and I would spend hours in the drive way or up at the church shooting, dribbling and passing the ball over and over and over again. I attribute all of my skills to him.
He's also me and my sisters biggest fan and coach 
even though sometimes we didn't always want him to be :) 

How to be kind and patient.
My  dad doesn't loose his cool very easy, unless he's at the dairy and in that case stay away because he's usually holding a hot shot :) 
I have never in my life seen my dad get mad at my mom. 
He is nice to everyone whether they deserve it or not, except to some referee's because like I said he is our biggest fan.

How to serve.
My dad is the best example of service. 
Even before he was the bishop of our ward he would help any chance he got which meant we usually got to help as well. 
I remember one time bucking bales of hay for an hour to take to a lady in our ward for her farm animals and she didn't have a clue. 
He's the best. I'd choose him to be my employer, coach, home teacher or bishop any day. 

How to enjoy the little things and have a sense of humor.
Some of my favorite dates with spencer were the ones were we watched a movie at my house and we would hear a deep chuckle coming from the stairs. 
Sure enough my dad was joining in on the movie date and we loved it. 
He loves movies and anything on TV. [he's easily entertained]
I remember one night my mom was gone and so my dad thought it would be funny to pour her a glass of ice cold olive juice with a pepsi can sitting next to it. She came in and thought he was so sweet for having a pepsi ready for her when she got home. As she lifted the drink to her mouth he was seriously bouncing up and down because he was laughing so stinking hard. he's a dork. 

I am so grateful for my dad. I am grateful that he holds his priesthood worthily and was able to bless me and my family whenever we needed. My dad always has the best advice and the right thing to say. 

i love you Dad!

[November 15] today I am grateful for the Book of Mormon.
Sometimes i am not always the best reader of this fabulous book but whenever I read I am filled with strength and with the spirit. It seems that whenever i'm searching for an answer in the Book of Mormon i can find exactly what I need. The restoration of the gospel and the translation of this fabulous book is such a miracle and I am so grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

[November 16] Today I am grateful for the farm.
{how hick does that sound}
But really, i know it sounds silly but i have to attribute the person i am today to where and how I grew up.
i absolutely LOVE the farm. I love working there. I love going back and visiting there. I love the freedom of the country. I love the lessons and work ethic i learned there. I love the creativity we had to have to find entertainment there. I love the people there. I even love the cows there. :)
Whenever I am asked if I could live back in Raft River i say HECK YES. because I loved it there...except i don't know if spence would live there with me. 

[November 17] Today I am grateful for my education.

Some say that Utah State makes you take some crazy classes because they try to make you "well-rounded" and its true some classes were really quite pointless. But I am so grateful for the knowledge I received there, even if it was pointless sometimes. 

[November 18] Today I am grateful for my nieces and nephews.

all 14 of them + 2 on the way.

i think being an aunt is one of the coolest jobs ever. first of all, who doesn't love spoiling kids? its the best. second, no matter what you do they think you are the coolest. and they love you always regardless if you had to put them to bed or gave them a spanking. I was just home last week playing with ave and preston and jane and i accidentally bonked PJ's head but he still played with me all day and then I was playing with ave and had the idea to use the treadmill on level 1 as a slide. she thought that was the coolest! 

i am so stinking lucky to be an aunt to all my fabulous nieces and nephews. 

[November 19] Today I am grateful for modern medicine, namely Oscillococcinum.

I caught the flu bug and oh my it is not fun stuff. 
Yesterday i could not keep down my breakfast, lunch or dinner. BUT today I am feeling quite a bit better thanks to a yummy [no really it is yummy] medicine named Oscillococcinum. These fabulous, dissolveable sugar pellets work wonders and make me feel so much better. Give them a try.

Friday, November 11, 2011

today i am grateful for...

oops, i did it again.
i forgot to be thankful yesterday and the day before. 

November 9: today I am grateful for my bed.
can I just say that no other place makes me feel so happy. 

I haven't been feeling quite up to par the last few days and so my bed and i have done some serious bonding.

I especially love it when my sheets are cold and I can snuggle the covers up to my nose.

I'm pretty sure it has magical powers too.
Like seriously I can have just woken up one hour ago and if I walk into my room, my bed somehow forces me into it for a little morning snooze. 
but hey, i'm not complaining.
and this may be a little un-called for, but they say it on MTV Cribs so its gotta be ok..its where the magic happens :) 

wait a sec, before we move on: do you guys think I am shallow or vain for the things i am grateful for? pinterest, mexican food, my sweats, my bed.... 
don't worry, i am sure my churchy and my family posts are coming sometime within the month. 

November 10: today I am grateful for mexican food.
i always say that i think i was really supposed to be Hispanic in my first life...maybe in my next one?
i also always say that EVERYTHING is better in a tortilla. 

my little sister, ray j, and i and pretty much anyone who has ever eaten at the taco van in the bonaza motors parking lot in burley idaho knows what sparked my obsession with tacos and mexican food in general. 

pico de gallo...mmmm
mexi coke...mmm

oh how grateful i am for these things.

November 11: today I am grateful for callings.
(look a churchy one already)

my mom always taught us to accept and magnify our callings. no matter what they be. 
and she practices what she preaches. 

I recently was called to be a relief society teacher and let me tell you...i couldn't be more excited. i missed my first week of teaching and so this is the week. I am starting on the perfect lesson...the Second Coming. 

I think the reason why i love callings and am grateful for them is because they teach me a lot. not only about the gospel but about myself. I served as the relief society president before my current calling and loved it. I learned how i want to parent my children, how close to the spirit children are and that i need to learn some patience before i start having my own. that calling also served as some pretty strong birth control :) 

Spencer is the elders quorum president and i can see how that calling has transformed him as a priesthood holder and as a man. before this calling he liked our ward fine but didn't have the love for the members until now. He is more friendly, social and compassionate. 

"Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”
-President Monson