Thursday, February 23, 2012


Its evident that I am one heck of an awful blogger. Actually I am awful at almost all social media things, except for Pinterest-I'm pretty good at keeping up with that-but facebook, blog, twitter, instagram, etc. I pretty much stink at. I always say I am going to do it and be better but that never happens, just like all my goals usually go. {oops.} 

I've heard lots lately to live in the moment youre in right now, not wish for the future or put off things till the future...but seriously, I think I will be better when I have children or when someday Spence and I get exciting. {Actually last night did get exciting...Spence made Mac n' Cheese for dinner while I was showering and we take our first bites and almost puke right in our bowls because he used rancid butter...oops. We got a good laugh in, then went to Burger King.}

But really nothing exciting happens very often and until it does consider me exempt from keeping you all informed about our daily happenings. Sorry. 

I guess lovers day (valentines) was kinda exciting, and not in a kinky way :). I highly underestimate my sweet husband. 2 weeks prior to v-day I kinda nagged (like my mother sometimes does) the kid about us doing something special and that he has to plan it because I usually do and I did not want to be disappointed if I didn't plan anything and neither did he. Little did miss know-it-all know that he already had made reservations and ordered flowers. Brownie points to him. So I took care of breakfast- making him a delicious breakfast in bed and gave him a cute little v-day outfit to wear to school that day. As he's walking out the door to go to school he says don't eat lunch today because we're having a big dinner. And so all day I am hoping for sushi. When he gets home later that day he has flowers for me - white roses to be exact, probably from President Snow's garden (right all you Hunger Gamers?). And then we head to dinner. He tricks me by driving the same way you would to get sushi and then passes that right up, i was secretly devastated because I had psyched myself up for it all day. We ended up at the was delightful - all you could eat prime rib, coconut shrimp, and chocolate fountain goodyness. Then we went to a movie and then had a friendly game of bowling (which I won....sucka). 

(we didn't even get a photo together...i'm so upset)

All I can say is I just gotta trust the kid because he always pulls it out and well exceeds my expectations. I am truly so blessed to have him in my life. He is such a goof but he's my goof and I just love the heck out of him. 


  1. i also nagged a few weeks before valentines day, and then felt like a dummy when i was pleasantly surprised with all the things brian did for me. we are the same. :)

    mac & cheese is a favorite at our house, i'm thankful that hasn't happened...or else i would probably never eat it again. and that would be devastating.

    also, our march get together BETTER happen. because i miss you too much.

  2. Guess we better be sushi friends...but we can be regular friends too. ;)

  3. I didn't know you blogged! Yay! I love having people to add to the list to stalk. I'm bad at keeping up to... but I sure love to read everyone else's;)