Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Wonderful

Today is this dudes birthday.
He's 25. 
and possibly, no probably, the cutest 25 year-old i know.
Its pretty awesome that he's all mine.
there's so many things I love about this guy.
to name a few:
1. he makes me smile everyday. even when I don't want to

2. he's got a tender heart. I love that he's not afraid to be vulnerable or emotional

3. he loves to serve. he's in our bishopric and i love to see 
his love and concern for the ward members

4. he's gonna make the best dad. i see how he is with our nieces and 
nephews and it makes me excited to have kids because so stellar with them

5. he works his butt off. i dont think anyone will ever find 
a better employee than him. 

6. he's forgetful. very forgetful. which i'm grateful for because it gives 
him a reason to need/want me around 

7. he's random. some of the things that come out of his

8. he's still a kid. i don't know many 25 year olds that would rather 
be out playing hide and seek with the kids than sitting watching 
football or chatting with the adults. 

9. he's handy. he works at hooker appliance (he's the #1 hooker) and 
he can fix just about any appliance/machine. 
i think i'll keep him around just for that :)

10. he's a gentleman. his mission pres told him that a woman should 
never touch a door handle and i haven't had to touch very many

he's the best and i'm the luckiest.

we have a pretty cool life together. 



  1. Oh I just love you guys and miss being in Logan and seeing you!!!

  2. so good to read how you both are doing! (glad to hear you're has been SO long since i have talked with you!!!) you both look great and sounds like all is well. hope it continues!! Miss ya kell!

  3. oh i love the two of you. cutest post ever.i love how silly you guys are,especially spenc. i need to add a little silliness to my life. hope he had a great birthday. (officially worst sis in law ever for not calling or texting, sorry spenc)
    love you guys