Friday, November 11, 2011

today i am grateful for...

oops, i did it again.
i forgot to be thankful yesterday and the day before. 

November 9: today I am grateful for my bed.
can I just say that no other place makes me feel so happy. 

I haven't been feeling quite up to par the last few days and so my bed and i have done some serious bonding.

I especially love it when my sheets are cold and I can snuggle the covers up to my nose.

I'm pretty sure it has magical powers too.
Like seriously I can have just woken up one hour ago and if I walk into my room, my bed somehow forces me into it for a little morning snooze. 
but hey, i'm not complaining.
and this may be a little un-called for, but they say it on MTV Cribs so its gotta be ok..its where the magic happens :) 

wait a sec, before we move on: do you guys think I am shallow or vain for the things i am grateful for? pinterest, mexican food, my sweats, my bed.... 
don't worry, i am sure my churchy and my family posts are coming sometime within the month. 

November 10: today I am grateful for mexican food.
i always say that i think i was really supposed to be Hispanic in my first life...maybe in my next one?
i also always say that EVERYTHING is better in a tortilla. 

my little sister, ray j, and i and pretty much anyone who has ever eaten at the taco van in the bonaza motors parking lot in burley idaho knows what sparked my obsession with tacos and mexican food in general. 

pico de gallo...mmmm
mexi coke...mmm

oh how grateful i am for these things.

November 11: today I am grateful for callings.
(look a churchy one already)

my mom always taught us to accept and magnify our callings. no matter what they be. 
and she practices what she preaches. 

I recently was called to be a relief society teacher and let me tell you...i couldn't be more excited. i missed my first week of teaching and so this is the week. I am starting on the perfect lesson...the Second Coming. 

I think the reason why i love callings and am grateful for them is because they teach me a lot. not only about the gospel but about myself. I served as the relief society president before my current calling and loved it. I learned how i want to parent my children, how close to the spirit children are and that i need to learn some patience before i start having my own. that calling also served as some pretty strong birth control :) 

Spencer is the elders quorum president and i can see how that calling has transformed him as a priesthood holder and as a man. before this calling he liked our ward fine but didn't have the love for the members until now. He is more friendly, social and compassionate. 

"Whom the Lord calls, the Lord qualifies.”
-President Monson

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  1. I am thankful for you and your hubby taking care of my sick boy. I really appreciate you both.