Saturday, November 19, 2011

Today I am grateful for...

I promise I have not forgotten to be thankful everyday for the past week, I just have been a sick and super busy with work and such. So here I am being grateful for all to see. 

[November 12] Today i am grateful for my iMac.
Last Christmas my adorable and sneaky husband surprised and spoiled me with the most fabulous prize...
a big, fat iMac!
I'll be honest, i can work magic on this thing. I can have up to 6 screens operating all at once and I can get very up close and personal with the blemishes on my photo subjects faces...its almost gross. kidding. but seriously if anyone took this beauty away from me I would be somewhat worthless. 

Thanks Spence for this fabulous gift. I am so much more productive now. 

[November 13] Today I am grateful for Jesus Christ. 
I taught the lesson in Relief Society today on the Second Coming and wow...what a fun topic to teach.
I learned so much and it solidified my testimony of my Savior Jesus Christ 
and his Atoning sacrifice made for us.
I seriously cannot wait for the day, whenever it may be, that the Savior comes and reigns on the Earth - when we get to be taught by Him, when He prays for us and blesses us. So cool. 
I am most grateful for the peace I feel each day in knowing that I am not alone. That my Savior has felt and experienced all the pain, sadness, fear, discouragement, stress, joy and happiness that I go through and experience. 

[November 14] Today i am grateful for my Dad.

He is sooo cool.
He's taught me alot, like:

How to work.
which includes things like how to artificially inseminate a cow, how to drive a tractor, truck, loader, move hand lines, mow the lawn, hoe beets, etc.

How to play ball.
Ever since I can remember he and I would spend hours in the drive way or up at the church shooting, dribbling and passing the ball over and over and over again. I attribute all of my skills to him.
He's also me and my sisters biggest fan and coach 
even though sometimes we didn't always want him to be :) 

How to be kind and patient.
My  dad doesn't loose his cool very easy, unless he's at the dairy and in that case stay away because he's usually holding a hot shot :) 
I have never in my life seen my dad get mad at my mom. 
He is nice to everyone whether they deserve it or not, except to some referee's because like I said he is our biggest fan.

How to serve.
My dad is the best example of service. 
Even before he was the bishop of our ward he would help any chance he got which meant we usually got to help as well. 
I remember one time bucking bales of hay for an hour to take to a lady in our ward for her farm animals and she didn't have a clue. 
He's the best. I'd choose him to be my employer, coach, home teacher or bishop any day. 

How to enjoy the little things and have a sense of humor.
Some of my favorite dates with spencer were the ones were we watched a movie at my house and we would hear a deep chuckle coming from the stairs. 
Sure enough my dad was joining in on the movie date and we loved it. 
He loves movies and anything on TV. [he's easily entertained]
I remember one night my mom was gone and so my dad thought it would be funny to pour her a glass of ice cold olive juice with a pepsi can sitting next to it. She came in and thought he was so sweet for having a pepsi ready for her when she got home. As she lifted the drink to her mouth he was seriously bouncing up and down because he was laughing so stinking hard. he's a dork. 

I am so grateful for my dad. I am grateful that he holds his priesthood worthily and was able to bless me and my family whenever we needed. My dad always has the best advice and the right thing to say. 

i love you Dad!

[November 15] today I am grateful for the Book of Mormon.
Sometimes i am not always the best reader of this fabulous book but whenever I read I am filled with strength and with the spirit. It seems that whenever i'm searching for an answer in the Book of Mormon i can find exactly what I need. The restoration of the gospel and the translation of this fabulous book is such a miracle and I am so grateful for the Prophet Joseph Smith. 

[November 16] Today I am grateful for the farm.
{how hick does that sound}
But really, i know it sounds silly but i have to attribute the person i am today to where and how I grew up.
i absolutely LOVE the farm. I love working there. I love going back and visiting there. I love the freedom of the country. I love the lessons and work ethic i learned there. I love the creativity we had to have to find entertainment there. I love the people there. I even love the cows there. :)
Whenever I am asked if I could live back in Raft River i say HECK YES. because I loved it there...except i don't know if spence would live there with me. 

[November 17] Today I am grateful for my education.

Some say that Utah State makes you take some crazy classes because they try to make you "well-rounded" and its true some classes were really quite pointless. But I am so grateful for the knowledge I received there, even if it was pointless sometimes. 

[November 18] Today I am grateful for my nieces and nephews.

all 14 of them + 2 on the way.

i think being an aunt is one of the coolest jobs ever. first of all, who doesn't love spoiling kids? its the best. second, no matter what you do they think you are the coolest. and they love you always regardless if you had to put them to bed or gave them a spanking. I was just home last week playing with ave and preston and jane and i accidentally bonked PJ's head but he still played with me all day and then I was playing with ave and had the idea to use the treadmill on level 1 as a slide. she thought that was the coolest! 

i am so stinking lucky to be an aunt to all my fabulous nieces and nephews. 

[November 19] Today I am grateful for modern medicine, namely Oscillococcinum.

I caught the flu bug and oh my it is not fun stuff. 
Yesterday i could not keep down my breakfast, lunch or dinner. BUT today I am feeling quite a bit better thanks to a yummy [no really it is yummy] medicine named Oscillococcinum. These fabulous, dissolveable sugar pellets work wonders and make me feel so much better. Give them a try.

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